Socioeconomic Prerequisites and Baseball Participation: Exploring the Dynamics of Youth Involvement and Access


  • Eric Nam Cresskill High School
  • Michelle DeMarco Cresskill High School



Baseball, Socioeconomic factors, Accessibility


Youth participation in baseball has witnessed a decline, with notable losses of 3.7 million players aged 7 to 17 reported from 2002 to 2013. This decline can be attributed to various factors, including the intricate interplay of socioeconomic status, accessibility, and other pertinent dynamics. The sport's demanding financial requirements, coupled with the formidable challenges of achieving collegiate recruitment, compound the issue. This study endeavors to scrutinize the impact of diverse socioeconomic factors and access to sports facilities on the participation in baseball. The analysis revolves around a purposive sample comprising 43 collegiate baseball players, with the aim of unraveling the intricate connections between these factors and their influence on baseball involvement. Through rigorous data collection, meticulous analysis, and thoughtful comparisons against U.S. averages and benchmarks, the study paints a comprehensive picture. The results consistently reveal a compelling correlation between the necessity for socioeconomic advantages and the feasibility of pursuing collegiate baseball. Evidently, parental income analysis underscores that collegiate baseball players exhibit higher average incomes compared to the national median income. An overwhelming majority—90%—of survey participants conform to this higher parental income trend. Subsequent investigations into various other factors converge to a consistent conclusion: securing socioeconomic advantages is pivotal for individuals aspiring to engage with baseball at the collegiate level. In essence, this research shed light to socioeconomic prerequisites that intertwine with the pursuit of collegiate baseball participation, emphasizing the pressing need for equitable access to opportunities within the realm of baseball.


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