The Effect of Substratum Surface on the Biodiversity of Marine Fouling Community


  • Zoe Kung BASIS International School Shenzhen
  • Jing-Wen Huang BASIS International School Shenzhen



Marine Biofouling, Biodiversity


Fouling is when unwanted materials developed on a solid surface and flourish. In this experiment, two sets of ceramic plates with a rough and smooth surface on each side were deployed in a fish farm located in the South China Sea for three months in different periods of the year at different depth. The biofouling communities developed on the surfaces of ceramic plates were counted and the alpha and beta diversity were calculated. A total of 18 biofouling species and species associated with the biofouling community was observed. The results suggested that surface smoothness is a key factor shaping the biofouling community structure. In additional, biofouling communities developed at different seasons also showed remarkable differences. Overall, my finding suggested that biofouling is an important ecological event and is an often-ignored ecosystem with an unexpectedly vivid biodiversity.


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Kung, Z., & Huang, J.-W. (2023). The Effect of Substratum Surface on the Biodiversity of Marine Fouling Community. Journal of Student Research, 12(4).



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