Effectiveness of mRNA Vaccines on Cancer With and Without Immune Treatments


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Recently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s prevalence across the entire world, scientists pioneered the usage of a new medical technology to fight it and grant humans immunity towards the disease: mRNA vaccines. These vaccines were heavily effective as they prevented a majority of the population from getting COVID-19. This caused scientists to research how mRNA vaccine technology could be utilized for other areas of medicine and disease, especially the world of cancer. This review article will delve into the ways scientists are utilizing the powers of mRNA vaccines to provide treatment to patients with pre-existing cancer, and how they engineered the mRNA vaccine to primarily influence the T-cells to better spot cancer cells, with and without the addition of supportive immunological therapies. It was found that the mRNA vaccines of all types reviewed in this paper were effective against the cancerous tumors, and with supportive immune treatments, the vaccines’ effects were further amplified to varying degrees. However, these vaccines may not translate their results for all types of cancer cells and bodies, though. This is why it is recommended that research must be done on more reliable mouse cell models with more trials to further confirm the effectiveness of the vaccine treatments on the cancerous tumor cells once and for all.


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