A Visual Analysis of NewJeans' Surprise Debut


  • Grace Kim Bergen County Technical High School, Teterboro
  • Jane Han Yonsei University - Graduate School of International Studies




Visual Analysis, Semiotics, Content Analysis, NewJeans, K-pop, Attention, Music Video


Visual image analysis can be conducted by assessing an image’s important elements: 1) its organization and placement, 2) style, 3) source, and 4) content. An image’s content, which can include words and numbers, is often used to convey a message. Semiotics is the study of messages communicated through signs. These ideological signs often reinforce the status quo of a culture by promoting images or stories that society has already subscribed to. Such signs are used in marketing a brand, whether it be objects or entertainment groups like NewJeans. NewJeans released a surprise debut music video, through which they conveyed messages to reflect their brand concept. They also released concept photos to reinforce their brand. This research used semiotics and visual analysis to evaluate what messages were conveyed through the music video and concept photos. Understanding the messages can reveal what led NewJeans to effectively establish their brand and gain popularity. While the music video revealed NewJeans’ relatability, the concept photos emphasized their idolization. Together, the music video and concept photos conveyed that NewJeans is an alluring group that should be respected and that audiences should look forward to following as they make their official debut.


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