The Impact of Housing on Happiness

A comprehensive Review


  • Markus Rosendorfer Gymnasium Bad Aibling



housing, happiness, relationship between housing and happiness, impact of housing on happiness, policy review, housing policies


This scientific paper aims to investigate and understand the complex relationship between housing and happiness by examining the different factors that influence subjective well-being through analyzing a wide range of studies. It investigates the multifaceted ways in which housing conditions contribute and deter to individual happiness.

The research question guiding this paper is: How does housing, including housing conditions, housing stability, affordability, and neighborhood characteristics influence individual happiness? The analysis seeks to provide insights into the mechanisms through which housing can affect individuals' happiness. Furthermore, the paper explores the potential mechanisms through which housing affects broader social well-being, highlighting the importance of housing policies and interventions in promoting the public’s overall happiness. The paper concludes with policy implications to enhance the happiness of individuals and communities through housing intervention.


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