Persuasion Methods Behind Mass Manipulation


  • Gabrielle Kreuter Green Hope High School



mass, persuasion, manipulation


Persuasion is used each day by millions of people, however, often these methods are misused for harmful manipulation. Practices such as the foot-in-the-door method and the low-ball method are analyzed within white supremacist websites such as those supporting the Ku Klux Klan group. By providing minimal information initially, influential individuals succeed in attracting millions of people to support their view. With the availability of the internet, mass manipulation has become increasingly achievable and dangerous. Therefore, it is important that society is aware of the most common strategies used. Psychologists studied the persuasion methods and trends between 4-6 year olds, revealing that humans of all ages have the knowledge and urge to persuade. Throughout an individual’s complicated life they train this skill repeatedly, and many use it to gain power and influence.


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