The Integration of Color and the Retention of Text


  • Michelle Emily Lucic Mentor High School
  • Patricia R Talarczyk Mentor High School



Color, Memory, Attention, Text, Students


The following essay will present research that studies the interweaving of color and memory. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of different formats of color within a prose fiction text, and to show how color affects the retention of the information read. To perform the study, one passage made in three different formats – black and white throughout the text, colored font on random words, or highlighted text on random words – will be randomly assigned to Advanced Placement (AP) and College Prep (Regular) English class juniors, followed by a test based on accuracy. The results show that color has a more positive influence than normal black and white text in regards to retaining information. Moreover, women overall were seen to perform significantly better on the text with highlighted text compared to colored font, whereas men overall were seen to be more successful using colored font than highlight. One can conclude from this research that using color to study and remember information for a test or a job-related interview can improve one’s performance. Due to the positive influence of color, students should ask their teachers to promote a more color-coded study plan, present key parts in a slideshow using highlighting or colored font, or more, which could lead to higher student scores and steer attention towards the information being given.


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Michelle Emily Lucic, Mentor High School

Mentor High School AP Research Student

Patricia R Talarczyk, Mentor High School




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Lucic, M. E., & Talarczyk, P. R. (2019). The Integration of Color and the Retention of Text. Journal of Student Research, 7(2).



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