The Effect of the NIL on Recruitment


  • Mehul Arunarthi University Preparatory Academy
  • Genevieve Gregorich Columbia University





The recent emergence of pay for collegiate athletes through the reformation of the NIL rules (name, image, and likeness), can change the entire system of recruitment of college sports, while will affect the entire business scope of the NCAA. I studied the subject of recruitment for the NCAA from the years 2018-2022 to analyze any changes in the recruitment plane before and after the NIL rule change in 2019. This research showed while a profound effect hasn’t taken place yet, changes are bound to come along, as the NIL rule becomes more widespread, and athletes start to take advantage of its benefits. These choices made by rising college athletes will alter the recruiting game as a whole as some schools will be targeted more than others.


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Author Biography

Genevieve Gregorich, Columbia University


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