Getting a Feel of Instagram Reels: The Effects of Posting Format on Online Engagement


  • Sarah Liang Conestoga High School
  • Janet Wolfe Conestoga High School



social media, Instagram, online engagement, small jewelry businesses, posting format


This study analyzed the effects of posting format on an Instagram post’s engagement. Posting formats, including pictures, videos, and Reels, are different ways of sharing content on Instagram. Prior research shows that short-form content has grown in recent years, spurring formats such as Instagram Reels. Nevertheless, a comparison of short-form content and traditional posting formats had not yet been observed. Quantitative data was collected through the content analysis method, which analyzed Instagram posts from small jewelry business accounts. Reels were found to receive the highest average engagement, allowing posts to gain more likes and comments than pictures and videos. However, limitations included the presence of outliers and the narrow scope of studied accounts. By utilizing these findings, struggling business accounts on Instagram may be able to increase the likes and comments of their posts more efficiently, ultimately increasing the chances of their success on the platform.


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