The Inventors and Entrepreneurs of the Industrial Revolution


  • JORDAN LIU St. George's School
  • Peter Jamieson St. George’s School



Industrialization, entrepreneurs, inventors, history, innovation


The Industrial Revolution was the work of inventors and entrepreneurs. Inventors produced the ideas and machines for the productive process, but entrepreneurs sponsored inventors, put inventions to effective use, and exploited the full potential of inventions. Because entrepreneurs were necessary to convert inventions from mere novelties to widely-used, viable instruments that significantly improved the productive process, this essay argues that entrepreneurs were more important for facilitating the Industrial Revolution than inventors. However, some exceptional inventors distinguished themselves by becoming entrepreneurs and transforming the productive process on their own.


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Peter Jamieson, St. George’s School


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Jordan Liu is a Junior at St. George’s School in Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is a passionate student who enjoys studying history and economics. His research papers are ongoing with Concord Review, Curieux Academic Journal, Questionz Journal etc. He has won the Silver Key in the 2020 & 2021 Scholastics Arts & Writing Awards, and the National Champion in the 2021 International History Bee & Bowl.



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