VR Workspace in the New Normal

Evaluation of Factors Influencing Indian Working Population’s Perception Towards use of VR Workspace in Work from Home Arrangements


  • Lakshya Goenka Heritage Xperiential Learning School, Gurugram
  • Dr. Mritunjay Sharma Alumni :University of Manchester




Keywords : VR (Virtual Reality) Workspace, WFH (Work From Home) Arrangements, Online Collaboration, Lockdown, Covid-19


For the past one year, we all have experienced life changing situations. Due to the lockdown because of Covid-19 virus, overnight, our lives shifted from the physical world to the online world. From offices, to schools, everything was operating virtually through a laptop screen. Instead of working with a group of people like in normal times, people were now isolated in their own bedrooms. To make the ‘new normal’ more productive, people started looking at the problem differently and came up with the idea of VR Workspace. It gave a more realistic feel to the whole WFH Arrangement. This research study is aimed to examine the viability of promoting VR Workspace and evaluate the factors that influenced the Indian Working Population perception towards the use of VR Workspace in online collaboration for improved Work From Home Arrangements. An online survey was conducted which included two short videos. The respondents had to rate the usage of VR before and after watching the video. The responses were divided into several social groups based on age, gender and job position. From the responses we can clearly see a difference before and after watching the video in the ratings for use of VR. From all the factors, the most influential factor was the headset being portable and wireless.


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Author Biography

Dr. Mritunjay Sharma, Alumni :University of Manchester


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Goenka, L., & Sharma, M. (2022). VR Workspace in the New Normal: Evaluation of Factors Influencing Indian Working Population’s Perception Towards use of VR Workspace in Work from Home Arrangements. Journal of Student Research, 11(2). https://doi.org/10.47611/jsrhs.v11i2.2584



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