Impact of Globalization on the Manufacturing Sector of India and China


  • Mahek Gupta MIT
  • Emma Campbell-Mohn Massachusetts Institute of Technology



Labour force, India, China, Globalization, Manufacturing


This research paper explores the impact of globalization on the manufacturing sector of India and China. It compares the manufacturing sectors of India across four factors: demand and supply of labour, labour cost, literacy rate, and productivity. Through this comparison, the paper concludes that while the trends in both India and China’s economies remained similar before globalisation, China’s manufacturing sector eventually grew much faster due to its access to better technology and skilled labour. The impact of globalization in the manufacturing sector is seen through capital as the economies shifted into the secondary sector with the increase in technological advancement. But how do these shifts unfold in developing economies? This paper analyses the labour market of India before and after globalization and the findings are compared to the labour market of China during the same period.


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Author Biography

Emma Campbell-Mohn, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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