Mutations In Influenza Viruses and Prevention Against These Viruses


  • Rohit Rao Central Bucks High School South
  • Rajagopal Appavu Appavu Gifted Gabber
  • Jothsna Kethar Gifted Gabber



Influenza, Influenza Virus, Virus, CRISPR, Mutations, Mutations in Influenza Virus


The flu originated in 1918 and started a pandemic that spread around the world, killing millions. Other than the current COVID-19 pandemic, the Flu Pandemic of the late 1910s and early 1920s has killed and infected more people than any other virus in modern world history. Since then, the flu has become a seasonal virus that has predictable times of infections. Due to modern medicine, most people are able to survive such infections, and continue on with their lives with little impact. However, as you might come to wonder either eventually or even right now, a person may be curious behind why such an “outdated virus” still continues to live on every winter season. This paper will research the mechanisms of such processes that allow these viruses to stay “alive” (because they technically are not a living thing) and prevent themselves from being eradicated by today’s medical technology. We also look into common and new preventions/ treatments that is/ can be used to eventually eradicate the flu.


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Rohit Rao, Central Bucks High School South

warrington, PA. USA


Rajagopal Appavu Appavu, Gifted Gabber


Jothsna Kethar, Gifted Gabber


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