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Over the past couple of years, Sars-CoV-2, also known as Covid-19, has gone rampant around the globe. Millions of people have gotten infected from it so far, and hundreds of thousands of people have succumbed to this virus. For this, scientists have created vaccines to solve this issue and to make sure that people who take the vaccine can build up the antibodies to protect themselves from Covid-19. The problem with this vaccine is that it is not very accessible. This is because of the storage requirements that must be met for this vaccine to remain effective. The demanding ultra-cold temperature makes it extremely hard to disperse the vaccine throughout the community. This makes it almost impossible in areas that are less fortunate and do not have the money to support the storage needed for this vaccine. So, that is why a warm vaccine is necessary to make sure that people who are in rural and less fortunate areas, still can protect themselves from the virus. Researchers and scientists all over the world are currently working to solve this issue and make sure an effective warm Covid-19 vaccine can be created.


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Krish Rao, Central Bucks High School South

Warrington, PA, USA

Rajagopal Appavu, Gifted Gabber


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