One-Way Speed of Light Experiment (Quantum Entanglement Approach)


  • Dhruv Agarwal The International School Bangalore
  • Kristine Rezai Harvard University



Detectors, Entanglement, quantum non-demolition, one-way speed of light, synchronization


Since Einstein stated the constancy of the speed of light to be a mere “stipulation … to arrive at a definition of simultaneity”, theorists argued that it could be possible for the speed of light to differ in different directions since there are many anisotropies like the amount of matter vs antimatter. However, this assumption has not been confirmed yet. No experiment has been proposed that measures the one-way speed of light; all experiments to date measure the round-trip speed of light. The experiment proposed in this paper seeks to measure the one-way speed of light by using an entanglement-controlled stopwatch while remaining blind (during the experiment) on whether the speed of light is isotropic or anisotropic, thereby answering the century-long question.


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Author Biography

Kristine Rezai, Harvard University


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