Enter The Darkness To Bring Others Into The Light

Human Trafficking: The Modern-Day Version of Slavery


  • Mike Zoi Ransom Everglades School
  • Kaley Ciluffo University of Pennsylvania




Balkans, United States, Labor Trafficking, Sex Trafficking


This research primarily examines how human trafficking systems in the Balkan region of Europe compare and contrast to the ones in the United States. Trafficking in these specific areas can be analyzed and summarized using the perspectives of shame in trafficking, lack of social support, and the need for reform in schooling and the general public’s understanding of human trafficking. Using comparative analysis with cultural patterns and ethnographic data, I discuss various genres of human trafficking, the patterns and methods of trafficking in the areas specified, the effects on the victims, and how trafficking culture had shifted. I provide case-specific examples of scenarios the various victims of human trafficking face, primarily focusing on women. These findings indicate a need for further analysis on the differences between trafficking systems around the world and prevention methods.


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Author Biography

Kaley Ciluffo, University of Pennsylvania


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