Shifting Budget Allocation Priorities in India


  • Ainesh Banerjee High School Student
  • Ashwin Malik Alum: Amity University Noida



Budget, Government, Financial Year, Agriculture, Healthcare, Defence, Education


Budget allocation is an amount designated to a certain aspect of the economy as an expenditure for a particular year. There are various sectors in an economy that are allocated certain shares of the central budget of a country each financial year. The present research paper focuses on studying the allocation of the budget among four pillars of the Indian economy: education, agriculture, healthcare, and defence, by the United Progressive Alliance as well as the National Democratic Alliance over the course of the past few years. The objective of this paper is to determine which government focuses more on which sector in a specific year and to study the various factors which influence it. The data which has been used to analyze the allocations have been picked up from the official Ministry of Finance website and any ambiguity in the data should not be present. Accuracy has been maintained throughout the paper but any ambiguity in the official data is regretted. This paper has been written from the perspective of one individual and does not aim to influence public opinion or harm any emotional or political sentiments.


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Ainesh Banerjee, High School Student

1. School Name- The Shri Ram School, Aravali; Address- Hamilton Court Complex, DLF City, Phase IV, Gurugram-122002. 2. Mentor Name- Vandanee Ramani; Email- [email protected]; Affiliation- Counsellor 3. Acknowledgements- I would like to thank my parents for helping me learn more about these concepts and for inculcating my interest in this topic which led me to write this paper. I would like to thank my mentors, Miss Kah Ying, and Vandanee Ramani Ma’am for helping me and guiding me throughout my journey while writing this paper. 

Ashwin Malik, Alum: Amity University Noida


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