A Novel Thermoplasmonic Paint with Titanium Nitride Nanoparticles


  • Rhiaan Jhaveri Dhirubhai Ambani International School
  • Dr. Ravi Mariwala Mentor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai




Thermoplasmonics, Titanium Nitride nanoparticle, Photothermal effect, Photothermal paint, Solar water pasteurisation, Water disinfection, Plasmonic heating


Several studies have reported the photothermal heating of colloidal nanoparticles due to plasmon-enhanced light absorption, and Titanium Nitride has emerged as a promising nanomaterial for the practical application of this phenomenon. Here, we developed a novel paint that is infused with Titanium Nitride nanoparticles. Varying concentrations of this paint were applied to copper plates and tested under natural light. Substantial heating was observed under both high-grade and low-grade light for higher concentrations. The uses of this source of heat extend to long-term solutions for reducing the prevalence of waterborne diseases in remote, rural settings via pasteurization.


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Author Biography

Dr. Ravi Mariwala, Mentor, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

Founder and CEO of Scientific Precision Pvt. Ltd.

Adjunct Faculty at Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai

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