Between Nationalism and Beaconism

How Do Chinese Students in the United States Think of the Social and Cultural Issues.


  • Jun Wang Nansha College Preparatory Academy
  • Henry L. Cheng Mentor, University of Chicago



Immigration, Chinese Diaspora, US-Sino Relations, Higher Education


This study investigated how Chinese people in the U.S. view racism and racial issues from the perspective of Chinese university students in the U.S.. The research is based on Critical Race Theory (CRT) to define racism and found that the majority of Chinese college students regard the situation as a problematic one, and they are supportive of civil rights movements such as Black Lives Matter and Stop Asian Hate. Additionally, though most of the interviewees have not heard of CRT, through their responses to other questions, they show acceptance of the concepts of CRT; for example, almost all of the interviewees responded that they would consider racism as a social problem instead of a personal one.


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