Understanding the Effects of COVID-19 on the Education of Low-Income Students in Khamariya, Nepal


  • Meghna Katyal Havergal College
  • Andrea Charlton Mentor, Havergal College




COVID-19, Education, Impoverished


This paper addresses the impacts COVID-19 is having on the learning of upper-primary students in a remote community in Nepal. These findings are based on interviews with 15 students in Khamariya— a small village with limited infrastructure and minimal access to technology. In this paper, the education system in Nepal before COVID-19 is discussed and compared with the current learning that is happening throughout the pandemic. The shortcomings of government solutions are discussed, the benefits of the pandemic on students' learning are evaluated, and the implications of changes in students’ learning due to the pandemic are analyzed. Overall, through the interviews, it has been determined that the education system in remote communities in Nepal before the pandemic was below standard. However, COVID-19 is exacerbating these negative aspects of the education system even further. The pandemic is specifically targeting impoverished students’ education. As well, it is increasing the gap between advantaged and disadvantaged students, which is contributing to the cycle of poverty.


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