A Comparative Analysis of Japanese, Mexican and English Marketing Practices: Examining the Influence of Culture on Marketing


  • Stephanie Nelson Episcopal High School
  • Travis Smith Mentor, Episcopal High School




International, Marketing, Examination, Strategies


This research paper examines how the distinct cultures of Japan, Mexico and Great Britain influence companies’ respective marketing strategies. These three countries were chosen specifically because of their vast cultural differences and their location on three different continents. First, the paper will compare each country’s economic outlook in order to more thoroughly understand each country’s market and consumer behavior. Next, each country’s culture will be explored through several distinguishing aspects such as religion, family structure, gender roles, society, etc. A summary of each country’s consumer behavior and consumer ethics will be given. Next, specific examples of companies that have led successful marketing campaigns in each country will be analyzed in order to determine how they used cross-cultural marketing. The companies used were Coca-Cola for Mexico, Kit-Kat and Louis Vuitton for Japan and Five-Guys for Great Britain. These results can help companies which are trying to launch their products in international markets understand different consumer behavior and markets world-wide.


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Author Biography

Travis Smith , Mentor, Episcopal High School

APUSH teacher and Head Soccer Coach. 

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