Cosmonautics Patent Analytics using Cooperative Patent Classification Hierarchy


  • Rishi Raghav West Windsor Plainsboro High School North
  • Sesh Ragavachari Mentor, Consultant at Datawise US
  • Hari Ravi Mentor, CEO Photon Insights



Cosmonautics, CPC (Cooperative Patent Classification), applicants, analytics, patent publication


Patent research is a sector of entrepreneurship that has long been used to understand both technological and financial trends in STEM industries. Such research provides insight into intellectual capital as it relates to entities, countries, and innovation areas, thus being an important factor in research and development decision-making. Yet, the sheer volume of patents filed in conjunction with unorganized attributes within patent databases creates a challenge for effective patent analysis. With this in mind, we create a patent analytic tool that organizes a specific patent class using CPC, applicant, and time attributes. 


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Raghav, R., Ragavachari, S., & Ravi, H. (2021). Cosmonautics Patent Analytics using Cooperative Patent Classification Hierarchy . Journal of Student Research, 10(3).



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