Corresponding Makeup of the Art Market of Erie, Pennsylvania with Regional Success


  • Cassandra Askins Robert Hodgson McDowell High School
  • Robert Hodgson Mentor, McDowell High School
  • Jeffrey Taylor Mentor, McDowell High School



Art Economics, Art, Economics, Erie, Pennsylvania, Art Demographics


The art market is a sector of the economy that holds great significance in terms of composition and economic impact. Information pertaining to the for profits of the market is often difficult to obtain, leading to a lack of research in the field. A Colorado based report explored the for profit arts of the state using EMSI data to overcome for profits lack of transparency. This report presented the art market of Colorado as having a major economic impact and served as a foundation for further case studies of the art economy within the nation. Additionally, though diversity in markets generally corresponds with economic success, the racial demographics within the art market as a whole show the market to be predominantly white. This paper consists of four sections specialized to answer the question, “To what extent does the makeup of the art economy of Erie, Pennsylvania correspond with regional success?”. First, I review the current literature regarding arts and their relationship with economics. The second section is developing a multi-pronged replicable methodology geared towards city level analysis that corresponds the makeup of a market to its economic impact. The third section analyzes the findings the methodology provides, and the final section explores the implications this study has in regards to the city investigated and others in the field of art economics moving forward. 


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