COVID-19 & Anti-Mask Movement: How Jingoism is Bringing the United States Down


  • Colin Kim La Canada High School
  • Brian Oh



COVID-19, psychology, coronavirus, confirmation bias, motivated reasoning, anti-mask, jingoism, mask


The objective of this study was to provide insight into the anti-mask phenomenon that has been occurring throughout the world. Widely broadcasted through different forms of media, these anti-mask movements are a growing concern to the scientific community, as such exposure will only deter the progress towards ending the pandemic. In order to understand the psychological motivations behind the anti-mask sentiment, the present studies 29 videos, over 120 minutes of content covering anti-mask protests in Canada, Europe, and the United States. I also used East Asia as a control variable, as I reviewed 5 videos, around 35 minutes of footage to understand the psychology that makes East Asia more receptive towards mask use. By implementing a qualitative research design, I looked for key language themes (interviews, chants, signs) in order to apply thematic analysis to connect their negative sentiments that are associated with confirmation bias and motivated reasoning. Findings regarding confirmation bias and motivated reasoning have been linked to concerns regarding personal rights and distrust with the government, media, and science communities. In particular, the United States has an issue regarding national pride in connection to individuals’ personal rights. The goal is to give insight into ways the United States can improve mask adherence for future potential pandemics.


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