An Examination and Categorical Analysis of Squamous Cell Carcinoma


  • Tamara Golosarsky Bishop Guertin High School
  • Lisa Rochelle Mentor, Bishop Guertin High School



squamous cell carcinoma, metastatic cancer, mohs surgery, skin cancer, immunology, immunotherapy, metastasis


This article discusses the compository nature and hierarchical metastatic proliferation of Squamous Cell Carinoma. Discussion ranges from the effects of the disease from the cellular level all the way to entirety of the body, including the impact of UV radiation and mutation on cells such as melanocytes and congruent epithelia. Current and potential future cures for the disease, such as immunotherapy and Mohs' Surgery are explained in application to the disease, along with the history behind each practice and how it came into use by physicians. Lastly, hopes for effective recognition and continued research of Squamous Cell Carinoma are laid out, stressing the importance of directing attention to the second most common skin cancer in the medical-research community. 


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