Kinematic analysis of Felix Baumgartner's stratospheric jump in 2012

Modeling the various forces involved in an unusual skydive


  • Josemaria Zavala Los Alamos High School
  • Magister Mentor, Los Alamos High School



Kinematic analysis, Skydiving, Felix Baumgartner, Terminal velocity, Drag, Acceleration, Stratospheric jump


The present investigation shows a kinematic analysis of Baumgartner’s stratospheric jump, based on a scientific report by Red Bull. The modeling was carried out using the different forces that intervened in the event (velocity, acceleration, etc.), making it possible to generate a mathematical model capable of extrapolating data and allowing us a better appreciation of such scientific achievement. All the mathematical exploration has been carried out with ten decimal places; however, they will be rounded to four in writing. The action plan was based on obtaining the velocities by placing points on a velocity model belonging to an approximate graph of a Red Bull scientific report, which was put into the GeoGebra Classic 5 program to find the velocities. After this, we proceeded to find the accelerations and the formula of the function that models them. Finally, this formula was integrated to acquire the mathematical model of the velocities. 


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Zavala, J., & Menendez, J. (2021). Kinematic analysis of Felix Baumgartner’s stratospheric jump in 2012: Modeling the various forces involved in an unusual skydive. Journal of Student Research, 10(3).



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