Environmental Racism and Natural Disasters: Preparing for a Future Defined by Climate Change


  • Patrick Mays North Mecklenburg High School
  • Michael Bischoff Mentor, North Mecklenburg High School
  • Ronald Schmidt Mentor, Former Political Science professor at California State University Long Beach




Natural Disasters, Climate Change, Environmental Racism




This paper argues that the negative effects of climate change induced natural disasters are felt disproportionately by poor and minority communities, and that it is more difficult for them to recover after crises. Because climate change has resulted in an increase in the frequency and severity of natural disasters and is only expected to get worse, disparate effects from natural disasters are a crucial topic to focus research on. This paper will expand the framework for future research in the field of environmental justice by establishing a focus on the intersection between global warming, natural disasters, and environmental racism. It will also illustrate the disparate impact of natural disasters on poor and minority communities with a series of case studies and will evaluate the government’s response in each case.


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Author Biographies

Michael Bischoff, Mentor, North Mecklenburg High School

History Teacher, North Mecklenburg High School

Ronald Schmidt, Mentor, Former Political Science professor at California State University Long Beach

Former Political Science professor at California State University Long Beach

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