What Student Positions can be Created on the LBUSD BOE to Increase the Effectiveness of Student Representation?


  • Emily Hardesty Long Beach Polytechnic High School




BOE, Board, Board of Education, LBUSD, High School, Student Board Member, Student representation, Student advisory council, Student government


The Long Beach Unified School District Board of Education and superintendent make efforts to have student representation in the decision making process. However, there are many shortcomings in the student representation structure of the LBUSD BOE. The systems set in place do not encourage consistent and active student participation, and evaluations of recent student board member involvement show minimal to no participation. By comparing LBUSD to other CORE school districts, there are clear differences in the way students are represented on the BOE. Notably, many CORE school districts elect student BOE members and include a Student Advisory Council to advise the Board. Other CORE school districts have experienced valuable student participation with their models. LBUSD can draw from other CORE school districts to create a system of student representation on the BOE that fosters student involvement and values student voice.


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