Contemporary Perception of Mental Health’s Stigma in the Bay Area


  • John Pham Santa Clara High School
  • Kate Flowers Santa Clara High School



Mental Health, Stigma, Bay Area, Contemporary Views


Mental health is a common topic of discussion in our society today, especially in the Bay Area. What was once viewed as a taboo by many is now at the forefront of discussion and a high priority for both schools and workplaces. As a result of this change, there has been a drastic shift in public perception towards mental health and the stigma pertaining to it. There have been many studies that address the public’s views on mental health, but have failed to address the change towards the stigma of mental health today. In this study, I will be studying the contemporary perception of mental health combined with views of its stigma and public ideas on reducing this issue. The study consists of a thematic analysis of survey responses from a group of 45 respondents that were collected online through the site, Reddit, and other social media platforms. Responses were systematically sorted into separate themes to better group respondents' views and combine similar ideas in responses. The results of this study align with initial views and show an overall view from respondents that shows the Bay Area has undergone a reduction in the stigma and is implementing better methods of addressing these problems. This study increases the current body of knowledge regarding contemporary the Bay Area’s citizens’ views towards mental health and provides additional ways to reduce this stigma, allowing for more effective methods of counseling and mental health services in the near future.


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